To invest send Ether to this address :



  • Price is a fixed rate of 1 ETH = 4000 SHP
  • By investing you confirm you are not an US or a Singapore resident
  • Soft cap is fixed at 40 ETH
  • Hard cap is fixed at 25 000 ETH
  • Crowdsale will last until August 17th 12:00 UTC or until hard cap is reached

Progress :

Soft cap : 31.314593296486996904/40 ETH

Hard cap : 31.314593296486996904/25 000 ETH

Shopeo offers you the possibility to earn tokens while supporting our project ! 1% of the Shopeo tokens, 1 000 000, will be dedicated to this bounty.

Article campaign (15%)

You can write articles to promote Shopeo. There is a total bounty of 150 000 tokens, representing 15% of the total bounty pool.

Here are the rules :

– The article must be at least 1000 words long.

– Each article grants its author a stake. Total bounty will be divided proportionally.

– The blog or website must have at least 10 000 monthly views and be finance or crypto related.

– It can be in any language that can be found on our site.

– Your content must be original, any copy-past, even a single sentence, will disqualify you.

– Each article grants a stake to its author. Bounty will be divided proportionally then.

– There is no limit on how many articles on single person can write as long as they are on different website and of a good quality.

– You grant Shopeo the right to post it on its blog with proper credit to your work.


Apply :

Check your status :



Translation campaign (10%)

Shopeo offers translation bounties for the whole world. 100 000 tokens will be allowed, which represents 10% of the total bounty pool.

Here are the rules :

– You must provide a genuine translation, we ourselves speak most of the languages, so if you cheat, you will be disqualified.

– You must do the whole package : whitepaper, thread, videos, website.

– You must maintain it. This is a big work, so if you do not have much time, do not do it. Pay will be substantial, but in case it is not maintained, it will be zero. Feel free to ask to Aleksander a bit more about how tight the delays will be.

– You must be at least Jr. Member on Bitcointalk, and have previous records or a proof of ability.

– First come first served !


Apply :

Check your status :



Twitter campaign (20%)

Shopeo offers the ability to people with popular Twitter accounts to participate in this campaign. Budget for this campaign is 200 000 Shopeo tokens, or 20% of the total bounty pool.

Here are the rules :

– Your account must have at least 5000 real followers.

– You must follow our account, @Shopeo_ICO.

– You must retweet our tweets. Each grants you a stake.

– You have 5 days to do it, after this period, they will not grant you any stake.


Stake schedule :

  • Following us : 2 stakes
  • 500+ followers : 1 stake/retweet
  • 5000+ followers : 2 stakes/retweet
  • 15000+ followers : 3 stakes/retweet
  • 25000+ followers : 4 stakes/retweet
  • 35000+ followers : 5 stakes/retweet


Apply :

Check your status :



Signature campaign (35%)

The signature campaign is open to anyone to anyone being Full Member or up. Budget is 350 000 Shopeo tokens, or 35% of the total bounty pool.

Here are the rules :

– Only Full Members and up can join.

– You must wear the signature for the whole duration of the campaign, we will check everyday all the members !

– You must wear the avatar, the personal message and the signature, none can be skipped.

– You must do 50 posts during the duration of the campaign.

– The campaign starts on August 1st and end on August 17th.

– There will be a limit of 300 participants.

– Each post need to be at least 75 characters long to be eligible.

– The campaign is stake based.


Stake Schedule :

  • Full Members : 1 stake/week
  • Sr. Members : 2 stakes/week
  • Hero Members : 3 stakes/week
  • Legendary : 4 stakes/week


Apply :

Check your status :



Facebook campaign (10%)

Give likes on our page and earn money for this ! The total bounty for this campaign will be 100 000 Shopeo tokens, representing 10% of the total supply.

Here are the rules :

– You must have at least 100 real friends.

– Your account must be at least 4 months old.

– The campaign is stake based. Hence the more you contribute the more you earn.


Stake schedule :

  • Liking our page : 1 stake
  • Any further like on our posts : 1 stake


Apply :

Check your status :




Video campaign (5%)

If you are good at making videos, you can turn your skills i,to profit thanks to Shopeo. However, beware, we have very high standard, so many people will get refused. Budget for this campaign is 50 000 Shopeo tokens, representing 5% of the total bounty pool. To apply give a name to your video and send it to videos[at] Send input its name in the spreadsheet.

Here are the rules :

– In case your video is chosen, you grant us the right to publish it on our YouTube channel.

– Your video must be copyright free.

– It can talk about pretty anything Shopeo-related.

– Each accepted video will grant its maker a stake.


Apply :

Check your status :



Newsletter campaign (1%)

In case you want to stay tuned to Shopeo latest news and earn money, that’s here ! The budget for this campaign is 10 000 Shopeo tokens, representing 2% of the total bounty pool. Be advised we will check who is cheating, and if you are caught subscribing multiple times you will end up having nothing.

Here are the rules :

– You must subscribe to the newsletter on and fill in the form.

– Newbies are not allowed to join.

– Just wait, that’s all !

Apply :

Check your status :



Banner campaign (3%)

Have a popular thread on Bitcointalk and want to monetize it ? You are at the right place. This bounty will have a budget of 30 000 Shopeo tokens, representing 3% of the total bounty pool.

Here are the rules :

– Your thread must be popular.

– You must put a banner in the first post of your topic.

– Your banner must stay in place for the whole duration of the campaign, we will check and cheaters will be banned without notice.

Apply :

Check your status :

Shopeo, in the aim to become the largest decentralised marketplace of the world, will be connection most of the markets available, but some will have to be excluded, at least in our current version. Here are the markets with which we have more or less advanced ties with partners or on which we would like to be present :

  • Agricultural products
  • Cars
  • Electronics
  • Collection coins
  • Softwares
  • Consulting
  • Translations
  • Hashrate rental
  • Graphical work
  • Cycling
  • Clothes
  • Watches
  • Tools
  • Electrical products


The following products are planned to not be supported :

  • Cleaning services
  • Windows

You want to join Shopeo and become an official partner ?

Anyone can become a Shopeo partner proven they can follow several conditions. These are :

  • Have a commercial activity compatible with Shopeo
  • Being trustworthy (who fall in this category only belong to us)
  • There is no actual partner in the exact same market than you
  • You are willing to offer your products on Shopeo


And what does offer being a partner might one ask ?

There is in fact two Shopeo categories : partners and major partners. Both of them will benefit of the following :

  • Exposure on our site and thread
  • Free gold membership and insurance
  • Spotlight spot for free for an undefined period

And beside that, major partners will also take advantage of being featured in a promotional video presenting their product and the Shopeo part they represent. Thousands of view the video will get will probably attract many new customers.

But what exactly is a major partner ?

A major partner is a partner chosen to represent a dedicated feature of Shopeo, or a market.


You want to apply ? Send a mail at : partnership[at]

All rights belong to the rightful owners :

The Shopeo Assembly picture : (

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